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What does the site offer?

Our site has a broad list of songs from classic to rock. With a huge database of tracks, we offer an easy way to download any of your favorite song online.

How do I find the songs or tracks I am looking for?
The site has its own search engine which makes it easy for you to search any track. All you need to do is to key in the title of the song or the recording artist and you can already get the list of results. From the generated list, you can simply download the song.

What are the songs that can be downloaded on this site?

With a wide range of song selection to choose from, you get to have tons of choices when it comes to the songs that you want to download. Depending on your music style and preference, you will not have a hard time download any mp3 since we have a comprehensive music collection from classic to contemporary songs.

Are the downloaded files compatible with my player?

To ensure that the tracks ready for download in our site are compatible, we only provide the standard format which is the mp3. Almost all mobile devices recognize this file. So, you can just play any music you want using your phone or your music player.

Is it legal to download on this site?

Any file that you download online is safe and legal. We value the importance of copyright and the people who created the music.

What other audio files can I download?

The site is home to various songs depending on your favorite genre. But aside from the songs that you want to play in your device, you can also download ring tones that you can use for your mobile phone.