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How to Properly Charge Your Phone Battery


Everyone is experiencing problems with their battery phones. And although continuous use of your phone battery leads to its decreasing performance, one factor that can significantly affect the battery is the wrong way of charging it.

So, how do you properly charge your phone battery?

Do not charge from 0 to 100%.

The most common mistake that people do is to charge their phone to 100%. There is nothing wrong in charging phone to 100% but you should only do this once in a month. What happens when you always have a full recharge? It will shorten the lifespan of the battery. When charging your phone, do not fully recharge it to 100% and make sure not to let it fall below 20%. Just charge your battery 100% once in a month as this will recalibrate your phone’s battery.

Avoid extreme temperatures.

As with your phone itself, if you want the battery to last long you should avoid any extreme temperature whether it is hot or cold. If you feel like your phone is already overheating, do not use it for a while. The temperature should just be about 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When charging, remove it from the case as this will lead to overheating and avoid any sunlight when you plugged it into the electric socket.

Be cautious about miracle chargers.

Almost everyone uses their mobile phone not just for communication but for other purposes. So, most of us would experience low battery while on the go which explains why many are enticed to buy miracle chargers. There is nothing wrong in using a device that allows you to hasten the charging process but if you find chargers claiming that they can charge your phone in just a matter of seconds, beware of it. For one, it can damage your phone’s battery as it puts stress to it. Second, it will not prolong battery life.

Use the right charger.

There are chargers that can be compatible with other phones. But as much as possible, only charge your phone using the same charger that came with the device or if ever you need a new one you have to be sure that it has the correct rating. There may be cheap chargers that you can find online. However, these charges can damage your phone and there have been several cases where these charges fail and harm phones.

Overnight Charging

Charging your phone overnight.
How about charging your phone overnight? Most people need to charge their phone overnight to have it ready for use the next day. Since modern phones now automatically stops when it is already full, there is really no risk when it comes to leaving your device charging. But before you do, take off the case or sleeve of your phone especially if you have to charge it overnight as this can overheat which in turn can damage the batteries.

Storing Battery

If ever you need to leave your phone for a while, do not just leave it discharge completely or have it uncharged for a super long time as it can result problems later on. If you need to leave your device, at least have it recharged even by at least 50%.

Knowing the right way of charging your phone battery can significantly prolong its lifespan. Follow these tips and protect your battery phone from being damaged.

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